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Amy is desperate! Her boyfriend Aaron doesn’t remember her anymore after a car accident! Will you be able to make him remember again? Or perhaps it’s time to move on. Maybe Amy will fall in love with someone else? It’s up to you to decide. Play this life simulation game with dating sim elements and shape Amy’s destiny.

So I played Always Remember Me recently. I haven’t finished it, as I only did two routes, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. As it’s a stat raising game, I was a bit iffy about playing it, as I usually prefer a normal visual novel. There wasn’t much writing though really as it was focused on stat raising (which is why I usually stay away from them…) but the writing was decent enough. Bit cliché with the whole “my boyfriend has amnesia and doesn’t remember me!” But honestly? I liked it. I immediately went for Aaron’s route, as I couldn’t tear myself away from him right away (felt like I was betraying the poor bby ;_;) and then proceeded to go for Hugh who I liked very very much but it was quite bittersweet seeing Aaron move on with his life. All in all, I wish there were a few more scenes between Amy and her selected “lover”, but it was fun!

You also get a skill that goes with each character! Will you be a ~romantic~ and stay by Aaron’s side? Be ~creative~ like Hugh? How about raising your ~discipline~ with Eddy? Or maybe you’d like to be with Lawrence and learn about ~culture~! The choice is yours… Will Aaron remember you? Or will you give up and go after another?

Demo: Cross Platform!

Full Version: Cross Platform! (Buy it and get links for all three~)

I really really really REALLY need to play Kawato Shoujo actually, I’m surprised I haven’t yet….. I seem to try out most things when they’re free heh.

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Big Fish Games have the same offer everyday: if you’ve never bought a game from there, you can get almost any game for $2.99! I haven’t played many of their games but I re-bought Fatal Hearts from there a little while ago, and that game is worth so much more than that, so I’d definitely have a look! :3

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"There exists no such thing as a perfect sentence. Just as there exists no such thing as perfect despair."
- Haruki Murakami, “Hear The Wind Sing”

… on that blindingly bright day …
… on that very day of winter …

Imagine what it would be like to have your entire life — your friends, your family, your interests, your loves, your hatreds, your future — all taken away from you in a single instant. Imagine a hard, lumpy bed, a noise-filled ward, the sharp sting of needles entering your flesh at all hours of the day, the indignity of being woken up just as you are about to fall asleep for incessant vital statistics measurements, the doctors whose names you don’t know (but that’s okay, because they don’t remember your name, either; they just remember you as “the non-small cell lung carcinoma in room 6”), and your own name, your very own name, that you have just about forgotten.

Then you might have some clue as to what it is like to be dying in a hospital.

This is a story of disease and suffering; of medication and adverse effects; of thoracotomy scars and cellular poisons; of the living who cannot help but to die and of the dying who cannot help but to live; of a resting place other than “on 7F” or “at home”.

This is a story of so many things.

But most of all …

This is the story
of a girl whose heart was standing still
and a boy whose breath was being stolen away,
both of whom die.

Around four - five years ago, I was looking for some free visual novels after I played Fatal Hearts. I felt like I had searched the whole internet. If I was Japanese, it might not be so hard. But English freeware? It barely existed! And then I came across a website called Isani; a website dedicated to translating Visual Novels into English. It was there I stumbled across Narcissu and True Remembrance. I downloaded both, and played True Remembrance which I will write about at a later date. Both were amazing, but Narcissu seems to be slightly fresher in my memory.

I played it on my own, which was probably for the best because it made me cry like a baby. Narcissu is a Kinetic Novel, which means it’s a story set in stone, there are no choices or side plots. I didn’t know this at the time, but I’m glad it didn’t waver my decision once I realised, because it was really, really, beautiful.

Narcissu is narrated by a 20 year old man, who’s name is never revealed. He lives a normal life, and has never really been a person who is ill. But that changes when he’s diagnosed with lung cancer. He goes in and out of hospital, each time staying there for longer and longer, until eventually he is sent to a hospice. It is there he meets another terminally ill patient, Setsumi. In the hospices care, you are able to go home when your illness stabilises, but when it gets worse again, you go back into the hospice. But this can only happen three times. After the third time, you are not allowed to go back home. 

Setsumi has accepted her fate, and shows barely any emotion. She knows she hasn’t got long left, even less than the protagonist has. After a few meetings together, they decide they don’t want to die in the hospice or their homes and run away, stealing the father of the protagonists car.

The rest is about their last days together, and the search of Setsumi’s favourite flower; Narcissu.

This story really touched me in a way that most stories can’t do. Even though it states from the very beginning that they will both die, it doesn’t soften the blow. You find yourself hoping that somehow there would be some miraculous cure, which of course, there isn’t, and you know that. The choices they make in their journey together are both sad and haunting, but also brave and beautiful at the same time. And even though there is no hope for them and they are both with a person they barely know, they choose to live their last few days happily; taking control of their lives for the last time.

The music is also really beautiful, complimenting the story beautifully. In fact, listening to the soundtrack was what made me want to make this post. I cannot stretch how much I recommend it, especially since it’s free.

You can download Narcissu in English AND Japanese here.

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wow i haven’t updated this in ages i should do something about that lalalala

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Merui loves video games, especially her favorite MMORPG, Rivenwell Online. Merui also has a very short temper, so when some JERK named Alistair steals a rare item from her, she’s determined to exact revenge on him. Unfortunately, she has no idea who he is in real life. But hey, that’s never stopped anyone, right? 
Take control of Merui and make new friends, balance schoolwork and fun, go shopping, search for the culprit, and maybe even discover a new romance.

So, it’s time for the free game of the week! This week I’m going to choose RE:Alistair++, by sakevisual. I stumbled across this a week or two ago, can’t remember how, actually. I wasn’t expecting too much as it was free, but the story sounded really interesting so I thought I’d give it ago. But anyway, I love it! It’s a dating simulation that lasts for 30 in game days. There are 5 different endings and 3 very different boys to choose from, and you can raise certain skills, depending on which path you want to take. You raise skills by studying, watching tv, and surfing the net, and you can also buy certain items such as games, clothes and books to raise skills. Will you go for your quiet  project partner? The popular basketball player? Or how about the sarcastic, yet witty gamer? Or are you not interested in romance at all, preferring to get your revenge only?

To download, click here.

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also i might do another another post on date warp because i finished it on wednesday! it was so so so so so good and i would recommend it to anyone :3 but yeah my previous post was only really based on the demo and my complete and utter excitement to purchase the full version and if you haven’t read it click here but i think i’ll do an updated version soon.

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right ok hi i don’t know WHEN this blog became so inactive but basically i’m gonna start doing ~free games of the week~ cos i played the best free visual novel the other day omg it was so good especially considering it was free. and idk i’ve played loads of free ones so yep i might make it every….. sunday? other than than that i need to start posting everyday again and i will but i’ve just been so busy with all my new visual novels. and i’m making my own one!!! two actually… ones gonna be a smallish free one and the other is going to be a really really really big complex one and so that won’t be free… but i’m gonna get the free one out there first. in fact i might make a few free ones i haven’t really decided. but yep i will post updates on that as i make more progress with it :3

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Five days ago, Janet left her dorm to go on a date.

She never returned.

Was she kidnapped? Murdered? Did she run away? Will she ever be seen again?

The choices you make can change her fate and help her find romance or destruction in one of eleven surprising endings!

So I know I did a post on Date Warp before - if you haven’t seen it click here - but if i state which character I am most interested in, I get a discount on the game! I think the character I’d pick would be Bradley. He was willing to put many lives in danger so that he could find out what happened to his sister, and all about the warp. I also want to see how the story will carry on with him now that everyone knows what his plan was.

Click here for more information of the game!

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I think I’m gonna finish Shuffle! and then do a post on that soon. I’ve only done two routes so far though, but I love it :3

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